Bridges 2020

Osprey - ready for Bridges 2020Bridges 2020 was a great event, if a little quiet. We focused our support for the event this year on the one thing that makes so many advances in bridge technology possible – people.

Sponsoring the refreshments for delegates and exhibitors was a token of our esteem for the new talent and insightful minds underpinning (no pun intended) the vital discussions to help transform the bridge community in Europe.

Osprey – making connections at Bridges 2020

We have to talk about building stronger, more resilient, more people-centric, more carbon-conscious infrastructure. We have to work better, together. We took a keen interest in presentations highlighting an offshore mega-project nearing completion for Reunion Island, 900km east of Madagascar, and paid particular attention to the ‘five Grand Challenges’ that should surface in the programme workshops. We have our own challenge for local authorities, bridge owners and bridge engineers, best articulated by our CEO, Nigel Fletcher:

“The evolving demands on transport networks demand a change in mindset all round. We’d like to help clients to rethink the logistics involved in constructing and replacing infrastructure. If we can work better, together, much earlier in the planning process … then we can reduce the costs, mitigate more risks, and tackle many of the economic and environmental factors that might otherwise hinder a project’s progress.”

If you’re interested in hearing more about the way we’re starting to achieve some of those targets already, with bridge clients in the UK, Neil Jones and Stuart James would love to talk to you. Contact us here…