Our barge fleet is at the heart of our business. But we’ve added an inventory of specialist equipment for complex marine challenges of all kinds – crawler cranes, skids, carousels – everything you need for barge work.


Whatever you’re moving offshore, our Marine Contracts Team has the experience and the connections to make sure it’s a successful project from start to finish.

Flat-top barges for load outs, demobs, and all kinds of barge commissions. Subsea installations, windfarm components, critical assets, cabling – we have our own barges and cable carousels – RORO, LOLO, and FLO FLO projects.

We draw on 25 years of expertise to find better ways of transporting and installing your cargo – and we’re one of the most experienced, specialist cargo barge operators in the world. For renewables in particular, we use our expertise to provide a seamless connection between offshore and onshore logistics.

As you’d expect, we prioritise safety. But we also think about environmental factors, innovative and alternative engineering solutions, your crew and how to make your life easier, risk management, scheduling – a whole host of factors.


A large barge fleet is good, but knowing how to use those barges for innovative solutions and give you maximum value – that’s better.


The range of vessels we have lets us supply solutions for almost any project. We have ocean-going barges, which we’ve used deep-sea from Europe to Africa and South America, and we have smaller vessels that can use the inland waterways and lock systems throughout the UK and Europe.

  • Cargo transport
  • Storage platforms
  • Crane and construction platforms
  • RORO loadout
  • Temporary landing facilities
  • Floating and moveable concrete batching plant

It’s not just the size of our fleet, it’s how we use our badges to your advantage. We find innovative solutions to what might otherwise be project-challenging problems.

We also excel at specialised projects, such as interconnecting four barges within one of the largest vessels in the world – Allsea’s Pioneering Spirit catamaran hull – to provide the platform for a theatre and marquees for the vessel’s naming ceremony. Engineered and assembled in weeks and safe for 1,000 people.

We’re also the only barge owner and operator that’s transported every major component of an Offshore Windfarm, including foundations (monopiles, transition pieces and jackets), towers, nacelles and blades, and offshore cables. All by barge, all on time and on budget.

We’re here to help – contact us now.


What travels offshore, must start onshore. The way we work, it’s a seamless transition. The Osprey Group has been successfully transporting critical cargoes for the renewable energy, oil and gas, and power industries for years. Port-to-port, port-to-offshore, offshore-to-onshore and factory to foundation.

Our team is super-connected too. We can give you access to every conceivable form of multi-modal transport, which means we can offer everything from straightforward cable storage to complex offshore scheduling and seabed installations – and if we don’t have a solution today, then we’ll create one tomorrow. It’s all part of our standard approach. Find out more about the rest of our business.

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